Miniature Painting

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painted miniatures

First choose your Painting quality ...

Horde Level

Horde Level Painting is made for high quantity project, super affordable and quick for big armys or groups.Time-effective techniques gives you the perfect solution for your army and keep you in budget.Main focus is an overall expression of the project and not on details.

Speed Painting

Speed Level Paintingl is the perfect solution for all kind of project, quick, affordable and still interesting with some advanced techniques for fast painted miniatures. Main focus is an solid over-all expression and little details

Basic Level

Basic Level Painting, for all types of miniatures. Focused on a nice clean expression and also details will get more attention. This is the classic and nice look that match to every miniature

High Level

High Level Painting, for great and detailed miniatures that deserves our attention, high details, WOW-Effect and just great to look at. For miniature lovers

Mono-dynamic painting

our signature style, very limited colour palette, very high contrast, great over-all effect. This is something unique, you will get a lot of attention for that kind of project

Horde Painting
level of detail 20%
Speed Painting
level of detail 40%
Basic Level
level of detail 60%
Mono-dynamic painting
level of detail 80%
High Level
level of detail 100%

compare the quality levels

... just painting or printing too?

Need new miniatures, i print them with my  3D – Printing Service
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... send me your miniatures.

get your miniatures painted

Send me your miniatures and i will paint them for you. For further information please contact me

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Price calculator

Calculate your price for each painted Miniature. Chose the Miniature and what painting style you want to have on it. 

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Recent Projects

Come and see all the amazing project we did over the last years or visit us on Facebook and Instagram
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Workshops / Events

Painting workshops, private coachings and Event sponsoring, we help you get better in your passion or support you with sponsoring. Feel free to contact us to talk about the future events and coachings.

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